Alpaca Farming Revitalizes an Old Farm

When we moved to our farm in 2011, there were certainly some things that needed some TLC. However, we saw the potential of what it could become. It’s a 1940 farm, the house has doubled in size (twice), it hadn’t been a working farm in years, and invasive buckthorn had moved into what was once pasture area. If alpaca farming was to be in our future, quite a bit of work was in order.

Alpaca farming revitalizes an old farm. Aerial photo of Pauley Alpaca Company farm circa 1968

Our farm has offered many new challenges and opportunities. We have started a business, hosted several public open houses, built a gift shop, cleared and planted pastures, and installed hundreds of feet worth of new fencing.

We’ll do our best to keep you in the loop as to our progress revitalizing this ol’ farm.

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