Family Competes for Altera Alpaca Socks

We get plenty of questions here about smart wool socks vs. alpaca socks. Here are a few reasons why we prefer alpaca socks over smart wool.

Alpaca Socks are better than Smart Wool because they are:

  • Warmer than wool. Individual strands of alpaca fiber are hollow. This makes each fiber lighter and, because of the trapped air inside each fiber, a great insulator. Due to its breathability, all-season comfort is possible because alpaca clothing shields you from warm and cool temperatures.
  • Soft as cashmere. No kidding.
  • Hypoallergenic. Those who are allergic to wool won’t have such problems with alpaca. It contains no lanolin.
  • Moisture wicking. Because of its low absorbency rate, alpaca fiber draws moisture away so it can evaporate gradually.
  • Durable. It is resistant to piling and the fiber retains its shape over time.
  • Flame resistant. It is also marginally flame retardant, which means it will self-extinguish.

Since opening up our farm store, we’ve had the opportunity to try out all sorts of new products. This has resulted in us creating a family of sock snobs. Seriously, family members race to the dryer to be the first to claim a pair of alpaca socks…regardless of his/her original owner.

Altera Alpaca socks perform better than smart wool.

Now, they aren’t just extremely comfortable but are extremely functional! I’m a huge fan of all-leather hiking boots and wear them year round for camping as well as work around the farm. All I ever wear with my boots is Altera Alpaca socks because my feet are always comfortable. I’ve worn them to the top of Cloud Peak as well as through the slushy ground of the Boundary Waters.

I’ve never had a single blister.

Wear them year round

Seriously, I wear these things when it is 90-degrees and humid inside my hiking boots. Try that with regular cotton socks and it would be like putting a wet sponge in your boot. The Altera Alpaca socks wick all of the moisture right up and away from my feet.

Because of their superior moisture-wicking ability, the same pair of socks keep my feet dry and comfortable during hot months as well as warm and dry during the colder months.

Whether you are working outside, hiking, walking, hunting (pssst, bowhunters…they have odor control!)…heck, if you have feet at all you should try a pair of these.

Just make sure you have enough for everyone you might share a laundry room with.

Check out our gift shop for these, and other products made with alpaca fiber.




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