Baby Alpacas

A baby alpaca is called a cria (KREE-uh). Baby alpacas are called crias (KREE-uhz). They are perhaps the most adorable animal you will ever see.

Baby alpacas are called "crias".

About Baby Alpacas

It is very rare for an alpaca to give birth to more than a single cria. Since the gestation period for the mother is 11.5 months, I’m sure she’s also happy that there is only one baby alpaca in there!

Typically, baby alpacas are born between the hours of 10:00am – 2:00pm. This is important because the mother does not lick the cria dry. She relies on the sun for that task.

The baby alpaca typically weighs between 18-22 pounds (8kg – 10kg) at birth. If all goes well, the cria emerges head first along with its front feet. The birthing process rarely requires any human assistance. It has been our experience that once the mother shows signs of labor, her cria will likely be born within the hour. (We have missed a couple of births on our farm because we “just ran back into the house for a minute”.)

The mother is ready to breed again with a matter of a few weeks.

Getting Up and Going

A baby alpaca is up and walking within an hour of being born.

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