Alpaca Farm 2015 Election Recap

No farm can function without a government of the herd, by the herd, and for the heard. So, every few years we elect a new farm president. Those who came to our farm tour in the Fall of 2015 were able to participate in an historic election.

Primary Elections

First, of course we needed to hold primary elections for each party. The early stages of the campaign were conducted primarily through our Pauley Alpaca Company Facebook page. (That’s where we share most of our shenanigans.)



The candidates each made solid arguments differentiating himself/herself from their respective opponents.



The General Election

The primary votes were cast on the Pauley Alpaca Company Facebook page, with the results giving each party its sole candidate for Farm President.


A cordial campaign commenced. Again, the candidates each presented her case to the voting public.



Farm Tour Election Day!

For the general election, we offered our farm as the single polling station. Visitors to our gift shop during our open house had the opportunity to cast their vote by placing a poker chip into the mason jar for their chosen candidate. There were some good debates happening during the election. Families were divided. Children debated with their parents. Grandparents were justifying their votes. People truly studied the candidates. It was pandemonium!

Farm tour visitors cast their vote for the next president.

After the DOZENS of votes were counted and recounted, our new farm president won by a SINGLE VOTE! Thanks to all who played along online and in the gift shop, and congratulations to President Sue!


NOTE: My wonderful mother-in-law was a great sport and thought this was hilarious. She has yet to poison me. Also, yes, I’m still married to her amazing daughter.

If you enjoyed this, you may enjoy reading about the historic 2012 BOK vs. BARK election. (It was heated!)

Chicken verses dog in barnyard election.

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming open houses, or feel free to contact us to set up a farm tour.

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