How to Plant a Garden with Alpaca Compost

Many new gardeners may be wondering how to plant a garden. After we started raising alpacas on our farm, we quickly experienced the benefits of amending our soil with alpaca compost. The grass grows faster, the vegetables are bigger, and we don’t have to water as often.

Here at Pauley Alpaca Company, we have a pretty good process in place for our soil-enhancing PAC-a-Poo.

Step 1

First, feed the workers quality grain and grass.

How to plant a garden with alpaca compost. Start with feeding the alpacas.

Step 2

Once the workers have produced, the goods are shipped off to the packaging department for processing and bagging.

Alpaca compost

Step 3

The Junior Inspector examines to ensure quality control.

Alpaca compost inspection process carried out by a chicken

Step 4

Once it has passed initial inspection, the Chief Inspector is called in to sign off on the final product. The workers actively observe to gain valuable insights into how they can continually improve their production process. (Continuous improvement is an important part of our operations here on the farm.)

Alpaca compost inspection process carried out by a chickens

Step 5

Upon the final BOK! BOK! of the Chief Inspector, the product moves on to the Marketing and Creative Departments for final photography, advertising, and creation of witty blog posts.

Bag of organic alpaca compost

In all seriousness, this natural compost has been fantastic for us for the last few years. It is a good, natural soil conditioner, is easy to spread, is virtually odorless, and will not burn your plants! We have begun selling it to local gardeners and professional landscapers.

In our research, we have heard others say that deer do not like the smell (even though it is very low-odor to humans) and therefore stay away. We have absolutely found this to be true! For us, the deer no longer eat the hostas or our vegetables.

So, that is how to plant a garden alpaca style! Go have fun playing in the dirt.

Learn more about how you can garden and landscape naturally with locally-sourced alpaca compost.

3 thoughts on “How to Plant a Garden with Alpaca Compost”

  1. Do you not use ivermectin monthly for meningeal worm prevention? If you do use it (as would be recommended in your area), you can’t sell your compost as organic unless you separate the manure for a week after your monthly deworming. Ivermectin breaks down within a year of composting, but we always still tell gardeners that we use it.

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