Farm Election Parody: BOK vs BARK

2012 was an interesting year at our farm. We had just moved in and had yet to even acquire our first alpaca. However, the critters we did have were already jockeying for position in the political hierarchy.

Being a civilized democracy, we decided to have our first ever farm election.

Sue vs. Charlie. Chicken vs. Dog. BOK vs. BARK!

Chicken verses dog in farm election.

The hens rallied behind Sue and embarked on an aggressive social media campaign against Charlie.

Farm chicken's Facebook post reads "Warmer, thicker, fresh bedding for all in 2012! Vote for Sue! BOK!"

Farm chicken's Facebook post parody of President Obama's "Hope" campaign posters.

Farm chicken's Facebook post reads "Sue here. I am clearly your candidtate if you care about women's rights. I live with 9 of them for cryin' out loud, and I can't tell you how many eggs I've laid. Come November, I'd appreciate your vote. Keep Charlie out of office! Girl power!"

Then the campaign started getting ugly.

Farm chicken's Facebook post reads "I'm Sue and the Pauley Hens have approved this message. Charlie claims this election is about values and integrity. However, his running mate is a nude model. He's rolling over on his stance on the issues. BOK!". Photo of greyhound laying on its back with legs in the air.

Farm chicken's Facebook post reads "Charlie has worms"

Not to be outdone, Charlie also lead a strong campaign via Facebook.

Farm dog's Facebook post reads "Today, I announce my candidacy for Pauley Farm President. These times call for strong leadership, and I'm the dog to get things done. Vote for me on November 6!"

Farm dog's Facebook post reads "I'm clearly your foreign relations candidate. In addition to being the son of a single, German mother, I regularly board with Canadians, Brazilians, and Arizonans."

Farm dog's Facebook post reads "Lovers of freedom, today is an historic day in my campaign for Farm President against the dreaded Pauley Hens. My running mate is a beloved retired professional athlete who is a tireless advocate for pet adoption, physical fitness, and economic sanctions against countries harboring know terrorists. Please welcome your next Vice President, Gus!"

However, as was the case with his opposition, Charlie’s campaign started getting dirty.

Farm dog's Facebook post reads "I'm Charlie and I approved this message. Sue speaks of the Pauley Hens running on integrity, but here is her own running mate in the arms of a boy toy who is NOT her rooster. Shades of Gary Hart?" Photo of man holding a chicken.

Farm dog's Facebook post reads "Pauley Hens produce harmful cholesterol daily. They are damaging the hearts of America."

It was coming down to the wire, with each candidate trying desperately to distance themselves from his/her opponent.

Graphic depicting the political differences between a chicken and a dog.

They each made their final appeal to the voting Facebook public.

Farm chicken's Facebook post reads "Sue here. I'm crossing the road to be your next farm President. BWAAAAACK!"

Farm dog's Facebook post reads "More belly rubs for all! Vote for Charlie! BARK!"

In the end, after all of the Facebook votes were counted, we had our first Farm President!

Graphic showing dog as winner of the Pauley Alpaca Company farm election.

President Charlie soon realized just how challenging the job can be as we started introducing a new species shortly after the election.

Farm dog's Facebook post reads "Being farm president is not easy. Alpacas are requesting citizenship."

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