Blacksmith Creates Custom Work

The sound of a working blacksmith is more and more common around our farm. The rhythmic clang of the hammer striking the anvil is something you can set your watch by. Our son has begun taking in some custom orders under the name Big Horn Forge, and he is really cranking out some nice work.

Copper Roses

We’ve commissioned Ben to make more of his copper roses for sale in our gift shop.

Handmade copper rose made by blacksmith

Custom Blacksmith Projects

For their annual Customer Appreciation Day in Door County, Wisconsin, PJ’s of Door County asked Ben to do a blacksmithing demonstration while tourists enjoyed lunch on the house.

Blacksmith makes custom plant hanger.
ABOVE: PAC’s blacksmith creates a plant hanger from an old piece of rebar.

People watched him create sea horse hooks, knives, plant hangers, towel racks, and anything else that came to his mind that particular day. I freely admit being confused when Ben said he wanted to get into blacksmithing. Honestly, I didn’t think anyone did that anymore. The growing size of his forearms are proving me wrong.

Blacksmith working
ABOVE: Blacksmithing during a live demonstration in Door County

During the last couple of our open houses, Ben was nice enough to do more live demos of his craft. Visitors kept coming up to me saying how great it was that I was passing along the knowledge of this trade to another generation. I was quick to deflect and say “It’s all him. I’ve taught him a lot of things, but nothing about blacksmithing.” One gentleman even got to fulfill if livelong dream of trying it by helping pound some steel on the anvil. (It can be very therapeutic.)

Added benefit to having a blacksmith in the house: I will never pay to sharpen another mower blade.

We will be sure to add more metal creations to our gift shop as time (and school work) allows.