2017 Cribbage Tournament

With 42 participants in the 2017 S-Backwards Cribbage Tournament, the odds of winning (and getting one’s name etched into the original, legendary board) were theoretically 2.4%. 

Names of previous champions of the cribbage tournament.

With that as a backdrop, the cribbage tournament ensued. Like the FIFA World Cup, all participants took part in group play. 1st and 2nd place in each group advanced to the 16-man bracket. It was not a low-calorie event. 

Barn full of people playing games of cribbage.

Congratulations to Jerry Carr, 2017 Champion (2nd time!) beating Jack Sackett (repeat finalist). Jerry Carr strolled in and won all 5 round robin games and all four games in the Finals.

Cribbage championship match

Cribbage bracket

Congratulations to Andrew and Jaime Gathje, team champions. Andrew is 12-2 in team play with three team titles.

The Grabrick Award

Grabrick Award for winless performance.

Special recognition goes to Charlie Sackett for winning the 2017 Grabrick Award for his winless performance. Upon losing his last game, he was presented with a 45lb. bag of alpaca compost.