Practice natural gardening and landscaping with alpaca compost. Alpacas’ pellet-like droppings are PH balanced, and an excellent, natural, slow release, low odor soil amendment. This rich soil enhancer is perfect for growing fruits and vegetables.  Because alpacas consolidate their feces in one or two communal spots in the pasture, it is easy to collect and compost, and the spread of parasites is controlled.

Alpacas prefer to eat tender grasses, which they do not pull up by the roots. Lacking upper teeth, alpacas “cut” the grass with their bottom teeth and upper palate.  This vegetation cutting encourages the plants’ growth.  Because they are modified ruminants with a three-compartment stomach, alpacas convert grass and hay to energy very efficiently, and stop eating when they are full, further preserving the landscape on which they live.

Organic compost from alpacas tested against regular soil.
The seeds above were all planted on the same day and showed consistent results over multiple samples.

Benefits of Natural Gardening with Alpaca Compost

  • Naturally organic
  • Virtually odorless
  • Relatively few parasites
  • Won’t burn your plants
  • Alpaca compost is great for delicate plants and terrific for soil health. Adding it to your garden or lawn can help reduce disease and pest problems.

Practice Natural Gardening with…

  • House plants – Mix a small amount into your potting soil, and it will gradually release nutrients as you water.  It is odorless and harmless to pets.
  • Plants and trees – Sprinkle some around the bases of your plants or trees and mix with a little bit of dirt. You will be nourishing  them each time you water!
  • Seedlings – Water seedlings with “Alpaca Tea”.
Bag of organic alpaca compost ready to be used in natural gardening.

30lb bag for $15, two for $25, four for $40

2 bags is what we use to cover a 4’x8′ garden box. For larger orders, contact us and we’ll figure something out.